Halloween Costume Ideas: 15 Looks That Will Make Others LOL

There’s so much pressure to come up with an awesome Halloween costume.

Do you go serious, with detail to rival the most dedicated Comic Con attendees? Do you go sexy with a costume that somehow combines a Sesame Street character and spandex? No, you shouldn't, despite the fact costume manufacturers make it possible. Or do you just be lazy and throw a sheet over your head and call yourself a ghost?

Well, we don’t really like the last two options, and while we certainly admire the first one, we think what Halloween really calls for is some fun. Maybe you can’t DIY the best costume in the room or you might not have even bothered to try — this Halloween we say get creative and try to make others laugh along the way.

Take some inspiration from our 15 suggestions for funny Halloween costumes for this year, DIY or otherwise. Your fellow partygoers will be better off for it.