09/25/2014 05:15 EDT | Updated 11/25/2014 05:59 EST

Lucky Moose owner David Chen endorses John Tory's mayoral bid

John Tory has received an endorsement from a well-known Toronto shopkeeper, who previously stood in the spotlight with one of Tory's mayoral rivals.

On Thursday afternoon, Tory spoke to reporters alongside Lucky Moose Food Market owner David Chen, who is endorsing his mayoral bid.

"John Tory is the person our city needs. I am supporting John Tory to be the next mayor of Toronto," Chen said in a statement, which was distributed to the media.

Chen made headlines five years ago when he chased down a serial shoplifter and was subsequently charged with assault and forcible confinement. He was later found not guilty.

The story would eventually spur legislative change at the federal level, as Ottawa moved to expand the power of Canadians to make arrests and defend themselves.

As Chen's story originally played out, Olivia Chow made several appearances with Chen, including acting as an interpreter for him the day he was found not guilty.

Ahead of the 2011 federal election, Chen had Chow's election signs hanging out front of his store.

Chen also met Prime Minister Stephen Harper on at least two occasions — when the business owner was awarded a Diamond Jubilee medal and when the prime minister visited the Lucky Moose.

Chow is now in the midst of running for mayor and is one of the most high-profile candidates in the campaign, along with Tory and Doug Ford. Dozens of others are also seeking to become the city's next mayor.

The Oct. 27 election is less than five weeks away.

Toronto is guaranteed to have a new mayor after the election, as Mayor Rob Ford ended his re-election bid after doctors found a tumour in his abdomen. Ford has since been diagnosed with liposarcoma and gone through an initial round of chemotherapy.