09/25/2014 07:14 EDT | Updated 11/25/2014 05:59 EST

Montreal firefighters unfurl banners to protest Bill 3 suspensions

Montreal firefighters unfurled their latest pressure tactic Wednesday night against Mayor Denis Coderre and the provincial government’s proposed pension reform legislation, Bill 3.

Hand-painted banners decrying the suspension of firefighters involved in the chaotic Aug. 18 City Hall protest against Bill 3 appeared on fire stations across the city during the night.

The banners read: “Coderre has a family to support… so do our 35 firefighters!”

The Aug. 18 protest saw hundreds of firefighters and other municipal workers storm a city council meeting as it was about to begin.

The day after the workers marched into council chambers chanting, blowing horns and tossing papers in the air, Montreal police set up a special investigative group to look into the incident.

Coderre condemned the actions of the protesters, calling the demonstration "savage and unacceptable."

The firefighters and other municipal employees were suspended without pay and could be fired.