09/26/2014 09:20 EDT | Updated 11/26/2014 05:59 EST

Aminzada funeral marks latest death in Afghan community

Friends and family of Hamid Aminzada said their final goodbyes on Friday to the 19-year-old who was stabbed to death on Tuesday — the third Afghan Canadian killed in the Toronto area in less than two weeks. 

Aminzada, who police say was stabbed while trying to break up a fight at his high school, will be remembered as “a hero,” said his cousin, Haseeb Sadat.

“He was always trying to help his friends,” Sadat said. 

His death has been hard on everyone, he said, noting that Aminzada’s mother passed out at the mosque and was taken to hospital. 

“She did not get to get see the whole thing. She was not with her son. It’s very hard.”

The same day Aminzada was killed, the Afghan community also lost 31-year-old Gul Mohammed Alakoozi, who was shot in Woodbridge.

Earlier in the month, Abdul Monir, also 31, was shot and killed in the pizza parlour where he worked, in what police say might have been a robbery gone wrong.

Mahmood Formuli, president of the Afghan Association of Ontario, says the community has few answers.

“There's a fear — especially that kind of incident, with the kids,” he said. “That fear goes and follows you to the streets, to the office, to the mosque, to school.”

Monir was laid to rest in Kabul on Friday. Alakoozi is expected to be buried on Saturday.