09/26/2014 12:50 EDT

Bieber Busts Eardrum Cliff Diving, May Need Surgery (Isn't Much Better At Skateboarding)

Justin Bieber has been relatively low-key in recent weeks but suffered a setback after announcing he injured his eardrum following a cliff diving adventure. He tweeted it might even require surgery.

It's unclear when Bieber was cliff diving, or "tombstoning" as some call it, or where. But a doctor told the injury most likely transpired when Bieber made impact with the water. "More than likely, Justin ruptured the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, on impact or while descending into the water," Dr. Barry M. Rose of the California Pacific Medical Center told the site. "The surgery for that condition, if it is what he has, is a tympanoplasty, where a piece of tissue is used to simply seal the hole in the tympanic membrane."

There's no word as to how long it would take Bieber to recuperate but Rose added the procedure is "outpatient surgery" and that "99.9 plus per cent of the time" the surgery "goes easily and smoothly" with no long lasting effects.

In other Bieber news, the singer had a rather unsuccessful excursion to a skateboarding park in California.

TMZ reports the singer visited a skateboarding area, a rather famous one in Venice Beach, and plied his skills before a crowd. The singer however might be wise to stick to the concert stage. The roughly two-minute video, entitled "Justin Bieber Gleams The Cube!," showed Bieber making nine attempts at different moves including one trick eight times, one which most seasoned skateboarders wouldn't have a problem pulling off.

Bieber was at the Venice Beach Skate Park and attempting some skateboard moves, the first of which (believed to be a "kick back") was met with little success. The next three attempts at the same trick from roughly a two-foot riser to the ground were also less than stellar, each ending with a few "oohs" from onlookers. Following the third attempt a fellow skateboarder nails the jump Bieber was trying to accomplish, almost running into Bieber who avoids him.

But the pop star is persistent, attempting the move three more times. After the now sixth attempt Bieber can be heard explaining why it's not happening for him: "It's on my bad foot!" "Uh, we were promised mad thrashing, what's going on here?" the man doing the video voice over can be heard saying.

On the seventh attempt again Bieber comes close but not close enough. Finally, on the eighth try, Bieber manages to flip the skateboard as he descends from the riser to the ground with cheers all around, resulting in the singer raising his arms in victory and taking his shirt off.

A final attempt has Bieber going up a small ramp and trying to flip the board as he heads back down. The move is moderately successful as he pulls it off before losing his balance and stepping off the board.

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