09/26/2014 09:30 EDT | Updated 09/26/2014 09:59 EDT

Cuba Gooding Jr. Goes All 'Jerry Maguire' After Scoring A Goal (VIDEO, TWEET)

After 18 years, most audiences still remember Cuba Gooding Jr. best in his Oscar-winning role as Rod Tidwell, the flashy wide receiver from "Jerry Maguire."

So when the actor channeled his most recognizable character at a Chicago Blackhawks preseason game on Tuesday, he drove the crowd wild.

Invited to centre ice for a "Shoot the Puck," game, in which you take three shots through tiny slits in front of the net, he missed his first two chances but nailed it on the third try, according to CBS Sports.

Understandably excited after accomplishing such a feat, he ripped his shirt open and raised his hands, drawing excited cheers from the crowd at the United Center.

He didn't quite dance, but he certainly made onlookers about as happy as Tidwell did in the film.

Gooding may not make the same kinds of high-profile movies he used to, but it's great to see that he still has his showmanship intact.

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