09/26/2014 03:27 EDT | Updated 11/26/2014 05:59 EST

McGill: Guimont-Mota's criminal past should have barred him from Redmen

McGill University says a player who was arrested on an assault charge Wednesday should have never been invited to join the Redman football team because of his criminal record.  

Luis-Andres Guimont-Mota, 22, was arrested and charged with assault and uttering threats following an incident involving his wife. He was released on bail.

Guimont-Mota is in his third season with the Redmen and is considered the team's star running back.

McGill issued a statement after his arrest announcing he had been suspended by the team.

On Friday, McGill Deputy Provost Ollivier Dyens issued a statement citing a 2010 assault charge in Quebec City to which Guimont-Mota pleaded guilty.

“This individual should not have been invited to join our team. That was not in accordance with the values of our community,” the statement reads.

“There have been a few incidents in recent years where relevant information concerning football players was not dealt with appropriately at McGill. We take responsibility for those errors and are committed to preventing them in the future. “

Guimont-Mota, a business management student, was awarded the team's 2013 Dan Pronyk Memorial Trophy for most outstanding offensive player.

Guimont-Mota is not the first McGill football player to face criminal charges in recent years. 

Three Redmen players are accused of sexually assaulting a former Concordia University student in September 2011 and are awaiting trial.

The details of the allegations against Guimont-Mota were not released, but his lawyer Steve Hanafi  said outside court on Thursday that his client is himself a victim of assault. 

Hanafi said his client wants to meet with the university to give his side of story. He also said McGill acted hastily in suspending Guimont-Mota to protect the university’s image without having all of the facts.

He is due back in court in February.