09/26/2014 03:45 EDT | Updated 09/26/2014 03:59 EDT

15 Struggles We All Have When Vintage Shopping

Robert Nickelsberg via Getty Images
NEW YORK - JANUARY 2: Denise Romero, a 21 year old Mexican-American, looks for a blouse while shopping January 2, 2012 in a thrift store in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

In theory, vintage shopping is great -- you get to shop through plenty of pretty things from decades past and you're pretty much guaranteed to end up with a one-of-a-kind look.

But in reality, shopping at second hand boutiques and shops isn't all it's cracked up to be. You've got to deal with weird sizing, overwhelming racks, and of course, that horrible, horrible smell.

But for some reason, you do it anyways. For you, we sympathize. But we also totally get it, because as fashionistas, we've been there, done that. And even though we like to think we've mastered the art of vintage shopping, we still haven't.

For a little glimpse into the lives of vintage lovers, just check out the 15 struggles we all deal with below.

It can be pretty overwhelming

So. Many. Clothes.

And massive vintage clothing shows are even worse than the shops and boutiques

Get out before it's too late!

It sucks when vintage dealers won't bargain with you

No matter how hard you try.

Finding something in your size is never easy

Bring on the vintage shapewear to match!

Buying something awesome, only to find a giant stain on it when you get home


Or, like, five different holes

How did you not see them before?

When you reach into a coat pocket only to find dirty old tissues


And, of course, there's that horrible smell

The not-so-perfect mix of dust and moth balls (that never fully goes away).

There's also the fear of getting bedbugs these days

All you can do is pray this doesn't happen to you.

Shopping is really hard when shops are dimly lit

Turns out that grey sweater you bought was actually a nice shade of puke green.

Finding something that isn't even vintage is the worst

Nope, that Northern Getaway Spice Mice sweatshirt doesn't count!

Finding something wonderful, knowing you have nowhere to wear it

You can always wear it in the house while vacuuming!

Or knowing you'll have to alter something just to make it work

Why you bought that dress in the first place, you have no idea.

Realizing that vintage shopping is sometimes just as expensive as buying new

Silly you! Thinking you were actually saving money.

Being forever afraid about ruining a delicate find

And when it does happen, you're devastated.

But even after all the struggles, you manage to find the perfect piece

And realize it was totally worth it.