09/27/2014 03:56 EDT | Updated 11/27/2014 05:59 EST

White-sided dolphins make rare appearance near Victoria, B.C.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association says whale-watching boats have been reporting rare sightings of white-sided dolphins off the coast of Vancouver Island and the San Juan islands.

The PWWA says the species had mostly disappeared from the area more than a decade ago and is usually found in these kinds of numbers much farther north.

"With the world's oceans in such trouble and whale and dolphin populations plummeting in so many places, it's great to report the comeback of any wildlife to a particular area," said Michael Harris, executive director of PWWA, in a statement.

"When these guys turn up, they really put on a show. The entire ocean seems to explode with life."

The video, captured by the Pacific Whale Watch Association, is slowed down in parts so you can appreciate the show. 

MORE VIDEO | Pacific Whale Watch Association

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