09/29/2014 11:55 EDT | Updated 09/29/2014 12:59 EDT

Amal Alamuddin Outranks George Clooney In Wedding Headline

PIERRE TEYSSOT via Getty Images
US actor George Clooney and British lawyer Amal Alamuddin leave the palazzo Ca Farsetti on a taxi boat on September 29, 2014 in Venice, after a civil ceremony to officialise their wedding. AFP PHOTO / PIERRE TEYSSOT (Photo credit should read PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)

In what could be the most glamourous wedding of the year, U.K.-based human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 36, married Hollywood actor and director George Clooney, 53 — and for once, he's being pushed to the background.

In a decision that's been applauded by many, The Business Woman blog's headline celebrated "internationally acclaimed barrister" Alamuddin and gave a mere nod to Clooney, demonstrating which professions are usually considered important, and which, well, actually should be.

Of course, a similar phrasing rang through media outlets when the pair got engaged in April, with publications as varied as Forbes to Slate calling out Alamuddin's impressive degrees and professional background, which has included advising former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan on Syria.

As Clooney himself told Variety at the time, "I'm marrying up."

Slate also made a point to refer to Clooney as "an American actor and director who played 'Kip Howard' on the television mystery program Murder, She Wrote," which unfortunately neglects the actor's own activism, including using his celebrity clout to organize a telethon for Haiti's earthquake victims, and creating Not On Our Watch, an advocacy organization for international crises.

In fact, it's likely this shared interest in helping others that bonded the pair, according to Hollywood Life.

And frankly, that seems like the kind of quality that will help make a marriage last. We can't wait to see what the two will accomplish together.


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