09/29/2014 10:44 EDT | Updated 11/29/2014 05:59 EST

Luka Magnotta admits to killing Jun Lin but pleads not guilty

Luka Magnotta has admitted to the acts underlying the five criminal offences he's charged with, including the killing of a 33-year-old university student, but has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Quebec Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer told the court Monday that Magnotta and his defence agreed to the facts in the case, after the accused entered his not-guilty pleas.

The judge then told jurors it's their duty to decide if Magnotta was criminally responsible, including in the death of university student Jun Lin in May 2012.

The turn in the highly publicized case, which has taken more than two years to reach a courtroom, came soon after the proceedings began Monday.

The Crown no longer needs to prove those facts, but now needs to convince a jury that Magnotta is guilty of premeditated murder and should be held criminally responsible for his actions

Magnotta pleaded not guilty to:

- First-degree murder.

- Committing an indignity to a body.

- Publishing obscene material.

- Criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other MPs.

- Mailing obscene and indecent material.

Sixteen people, including two alternates and two spares, were selected to serve on the jury. On Monday, the two spares were immediately dismissed. 

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