09/29/2014 06:01 EDT | Updated 09/30/2014 10:59 EDT

Michelle Kwan Kills Metallica's 'One' On A Guzheng (VIDEO)

You've seen Metallica accompanied by a symphony, but it's unlikely you've seen their music played like this before.

Vancouver musician Michelle Kwan racked up over 1 million hits when she posted a video of herself playing Guns 'n' Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine" on a Chinese guzheng to YouTube last year, and now she's doing the same with Metallica's "One."

The guzheng is a zither with 21 strings whose history has been traced back to the Qin dynasty (771 to 221 B.C.).

Traditionally, the instrument has been used in court and operatic settings; it rarely features in heavy metal tracks.

Kwan told Global News that she took three months to pull off the song on the guzheng.

Her performance is especially impressive, given that the song isn't the easiest to play on any instrument, let alone a non-conventional one.

Kwan's video had gained over 300,000 views as of Monday. And now she has us hoping that she'll one day try "Master of Puppets."

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