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Moose Shot, Tasered, Tranquilized, Then Killed In Amherst, N.S.

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A moose was shot, stunned, sedated and eventually killed after roaming a residential area in Amherst, N.S. on Monday.

At around 5:30 a.m., officers with the Amherst Police Department took a call about a moose spotted walking with a wounded leg near Alison Avenue, according to local paper The Citizen-Record.

Officials with Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) responded around 7 a.m. and watched the moose before another team arrived to tranquilize the animal about three hours later.

The moose had been caught in a clothesline, which it dragged along with two pulleys from its hind leg as it walked through a series of properties.

DNR biologist Kim George told CBC News the animal was bleeding heavily and couldn't move after it became trapped on the line.

Officers eventually figured out the moose's hind leg was broken so they decided to put it down.

But as the DNR team tried to approach and sedate the animal, it stood up and charged workers, trampling an officer in the process.

A policeman then fired shots at the moose and tried to subdue it using a Taser, but even those actions could not bring it down.

The moose took off again before stopping in the yard of a home on Rupert Street, where it was finally tranquilized.

Scientists at the University of Prince Edward Island will examine the moose to determine whether it had a brain worm.

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