09/29/2014 12:01 EDT

National Coffee Day: We Want To See A Picture Of Your Cup

Philip J Brittan via Getty Images

National Coffee Day is basically every day for those of you who love (read: need) your morning cup of joe, but Monday just happens to be a day you can really celebrate.

According to a recent infographic from Starbucks Canada, Canadians drank more than 1.6 billion cups of brewed coffee last year. The survey also found Canadians preferred twice as much blonde roast coffee (at Starbucks, at least) compared to our neighbours down south.

Another survey from Google Canada also points out coffee drinkers on the West Coast were more likely to search for coffee-related terms using the search engine — and in general, Canadians searched for espresso compared to other cups of java. Basically, we love our coffee.

So how does one celebrate Coffee Day? Well, besides grabbing a cup of coffee (or for those of you who don't drink coffee, buying a cup for someone who does), some chains like Tim Hortons are selling cups of coffee for $1, while Second Cup locations are giving away free cups. Starbucks Canada, for their part, is offering samples of their "Thanksgiving Blend."

And while there are also health benefits to drinking coffee every day, we can all agree the taste is pretty damn good.

Earlier today, we asked our readers to send us a picture of their morning cup of coffee (or their favourite cup of coffee). Take part in the fun below or send us a picture at (we approve of afternoon cups of coffee as well!).