09/29/2014 02:13 EDT | Updated 09/29/2014 02:59 EDT

Nightmares Fear Factory: 24 Terrified Faces We Can't Stop Looking At

Nightmares Fear Factory

It's another year and another great excuse to look at photos of terrified faces at Niagara Falls, Ont.'s Nightmares Fear Factory.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, the haunted house tour gathers the best scared faces from visitors just in time for Halloween. To give you a sense of just how terrifying the place is, they've had almost 130,000 people too scared to finish (and even provide a "safety word" at the beginning for those who may want out).

This year's collection, much like last year's, features everything from incredibility traumatized couples trying to hide behind each other to teens huddling into a corner to adults who were probably better off skipping the tour altogether.

And while we don't want to give away what the haunted house-goers are actually looking at, Nightmares also told us they have several different hidden cameras around the 10 to 15-minute tour. The company also produced some funny gifs this year — yup, even animated, this will never get old.

Check out some of our favourites from this year (and the years before). Happy (almost) Halloween!

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