09/29/2014 10:39 EDT | Updated 11/29/2014 05:59 EST

Stoned Dog Triggers SPCA Raid On Yaletown Apartment

spitz pomeranian dog in city...

It's tough to talk to any walk-in clinic patient about drug abuse, but even more difficult when the 'patient' is a dog.

But one Vancouver pup's drug habits were so bad it prompted SPCA officers to pay a visit to its owner's Yaletown apartment.

The pup's name was Carter, a Pomeranian who arrived at the Yaletown Pet Hospital last month, stumbling and exhibiting strange behaviour.

According to an SPCA search warrant the pooch had a penchant for pot.

But Carter turned out to be a canine Keith Richards who loved more than snacking on marijuana. His records documented a taste for cocaine, methamphetamine and even oxycodone.

The SPCA put an end to the Pomeranian's party in August, seizing the dog from its downtown condo.

That doesn't surprise Maple Ridge veterinarian Adrian Walton, who says drugged dogs are not uncommon

"Dogs love the taste of marijuana."

Walton says stoned mutts are a regular at Lower Mainland clinics, but fortunately for them, pot's physical effects don't last long for dogs.

"The worst they tend to get is the munchies," he says.

But his biggest concern is not with the dogs — it is with their owners, who often try to hide the reasons their pets are sick.

"I just wish that owners would be honest with us, because it would save us a lot of time in testing," he says.

As for Carter, he's on the path to recovery according to the SPCA, which says the dog's owner is turning her life around.


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