09/29/2014 06:00 EDT | Updated 11/29/2014 05:59 EST

Vote Compass comes to Toronto's mayoral election

John Tory? Olivia Chow? Doug Ford? Vote Compass generates an analysis of how your views compare to the positions of the candidates.

See how you fit into Toronto's political landscape by answering questions on specific issues included in the Vote Compass questionnaire.

Vote Compass visualizes your results, and compares them with the positions and policies of the three front-running candidates. Once you know the results, you're free to decide which are most suitable for your purposes.

How it works

- A research team of political scientists analyzes the available data on candidate positions vis-à-vis the issues reflected in the questionnaire.

- Based on this analysis, a determination is made as to how each candidate would respond to each proposition.

- The research team then initiates a direct dialogue with each of the candidates represented in Vote Compass as an additional check as to the accuracy of its calibrations.  

- All candidates are provided with an opportunity to review and, if necessary, challenge the calibrations before Vote Compass is launched..