09/30/2014 11:22 EDT | Updated 09/30/2014 11:59 EDT

17 Signs You Go To Garba Every Single Year.. And Won't Stop

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For any Gujarati person, autumn is just another name for garba season.

With Navaratri starting on Sept. 25, 2014, and continuing for nine days until Oct. 3, Indians all around the world celebrate the Hindu deity Durga with garba.

Garba is a Gujarati form of folk dance that has several components to it. Garba celebrations usually happen during Hindu festivals (like Navarati or Diwali) or even at weddings, and attract hundreds of people to perform dances around a picture or statue of a god or goddess.

In general, there are three main types of garba dances (or garbos) — raas, using dandiyas (or sticks) is the most popular one. Even though most garbas use traditional music, these days they also utilize a fusion of Bollywood music and Punjabi bhangra. They can be performed anywhere from school gyms to community centres to huge convention spaces like Toronto's International Centre, which also happens to be North America's largest garba venue.

Here are 17 signs you go to garba every single year... and love it. Have more to add? Let us know in the comments below.

You plan your garba outfit at least a week in advance

Do I go with the saree or do I whip out the vintage choli suit?

You also know when you get there, you probably can't do one FULL circle

8,000 people in one room? Nope.

Out of all three major garbos, tran taali is the worst

Two words: Garba selfie

Watching non-Indians (and non-Gujus) do garba puts a huge smile on your face

Even if they can't get the steps right.

When sanedo happens, nobody wants to get back up


See what we mean...

By now you have mastered raas (the basic and the 12-step), but you know getting hit with dandiyas is the ABSOLUTE WORST

Cheap Indian food stalls? Win

But we're also smart enough to know to bring our own water bottles.

No matter how tired you are, you have to stand up for aarti (prayer)

Or those Guju aunties will shame you.

bata library

Describing garba to a non-Indian makes it seems like a circus.

"So we have these sticks.. and go around in circles.. and hit other people's sticks.."

piggy diploma

Mr. and Ms. Garba are competitions you take seriously

And have probably won the title in the past.

You can expect at least one Bollywood mix in garba music this year

A lot of people go to find love .. or a date at least

(Just kidding, Indian parents).

You know there is a stick hierarchy and these ones always bend

Stick with a belan.

You've memorized most of the garbos

And this movie makes you feel extra special.

Your feet KILL the next morning

Your parents will always tell you garba is better in India. But you love that you can celebrate your culture right here at home.