09/30/2014 04:54 EDT | Updated 10/01/2014 02:59 EDT

Blog Lists Reasons To Hate Vancouver, So We List Reasons To Love It

Apparently not everyone thinks that Vancouver Is Awesome.

A Tumblr blog started about two weeks ago called iHateVan is just that: a list of reasons to hate Vancouver.

The introduction post states:

Hi, I live in Vancouver and well, I hate it. This blog is about the many reasons why you should hate it too. Why is this important? Because to have change you need to know what needs to change.

When I publicly tell people their city is pooh people get really offended. But you see, hate doesn’t mean a lack of love. For example, I hate my parents. You probably hate them too. And you probably hate Van as well.

The blog claims that Vancouver is not actually all that multicultural, and that Vancouverites dress poorly and do too much yoga. The blogger also complains that "the veggie option is the norm" and advises that you should "NEVER TRY TO MAKE VANCOUVERITES LAUGH." Huh.

To all this, our first reaction was:

But on second thought, we figured it would be more valuable to point out some of the (less obvious) things to do in Vancouver that make the city totally wonderful.

Here are five (though there are many):

1.) Hawkers Market. Hawkers is a party/food festival aimed to create a community culture around local vendors. $10 gets you a 33 Acres beer, access to delicious snacks, baking, and beverages, and a performance by local band BESTiE. The next one is this Saturday (Oct. 4).

2.) Black Echo Coffee. Tucked inside a clothing store, Black Echo Coffee roasts its beans in butter and sugar, and the result is one very tasty cup of java. Order an Americano or buy a bag of beans to take home. Browse the clothing from Global Atomic Designs while you wait for your order.

3.) Jump for Joy! photo mural. Located in an alley in Chinatown (just around the corner from Fortune Sound Club), this mural by Eyoälha Baker features photos of people from around the city — in mid-air. The vibrant collection is a fun and interesting way to examine fellow Vancouverites at their most uninhibited.

4.) Doors Open Vancouver. For one day (Saturday, Oct. 4), this free event gives you access to some of the city's most revered buildings. For the first time, you can go behind the scenes at the Orpheum Theatre, the Salt Building, the Woodward's building, Vancouver City Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and more. Note: some buildings require advanced sign up (info here).

5.) Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy. It doesn't get much more multicultural than a dinner that celebrates Chinese and Scottish cultures together. The annual event, created by Todd Wong, brings over 300 people together to learn about our city's intersecting cultures. Keep an eye on his website for next year's date.

So, blogger, whoever you are, we're sorry you're not having fun here. We hope this helps.

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