09/30/2014 01:40 EDT | Updated 11/30/2014 05:59 EST

Oppenheimer Park homeless campers get break on eviction order

Homeless campers facing eviction from Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park have been given until Monday to prepare their legal case.

But the judge expressed concerns about safety and security in the tent city on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and has issued a list of orders the campers must comply with in the meantime.

The Vancouver Park Board is seeking an injunction order  from B.C. Supreme Court to evict more than 100 people who have been living in the park for several months.

But yesterday at the hearing in Vancouver, lawyers from Pivot Legal Society representing the homeless, argued they need time to prepare a legal defence.

The city says it has offered space in homeless shelters, but many of those in te epark have said they don't want to move into temporary shelters and prefer the security of the tent city.