09/30/2014 06:39 EDT | Updated 11/30/2014 05:59 EST

Taps on, then off in east-end Toronto neighbourhood

The taps haven't been consistently working properly in some parts of Toronto's east end since the weekend, after a watermain broke and repairs didn’t immediately fix the problem.

A watermain broke and repairs were made. But it began leaking again and that meant the water had to be turned off again.

"This is a problem is all over the city, our aging water infrastructure," Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon told CBC News in an interview.

Sheila Jennings, who lives in the Danforth Avenue and Dawes Road area, told CBC News that she was without water for 18 hours on Saturday.

"We thought we'd been through a bad patch and that was it, but Monday morning we woke up and had no water again and that time we had no water for about 14 hours," she said.

McMahon said she has been informed that the problem is expected to be fixed on Tuesday, but some residents will be without water again on Wednesday as a result of a previously scheduled water shutdown for a construction project.

Click on the video above to see a full report from the CBC's Michelle Cheung.