10/01/2014 12:36 EDT | Updated 12/01/2014 05:59 EST

Anti-bullying activism wins Airdrie teen national award

An Airdrie teenager is on her way to Toronto today to accept an anti-bullying award.

MacKenzie Murphy won the Canadian Living "Me to We" award for social action.

The 14-year-old nearly took her own life right around the time Amanda Todd, 15, committed suicide in 2012 after posting a YouTube video describing how she was tormented by bullies.

"She had posted the video and I watched it and I showed my mom it and said this is the way I'm feeling. Because I couldn't find a way to express to my mom that this was happening to me,” she said.

The Murphy family reached out to Amanda’s mother Carol Todd,  who was prompted by the tragedy to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Todd responded by making it her mission that another young life wouldn’t be lost, she said. 

"The personalities of Mackenzie and Amanda are very similar,” she said. “And also when I go and speak to other parents who have lost their children or are in distress, similar characteristics."

MacKenzie took up the fight against bullying, working with the mayor of Airdrie and the city to create an anti-bullying bylaw in her community.

The bylaw was adopted in September last year.

Todd, who won the same award last year for her activism, is accompanying Murphy to Thursday night’s ceremony in Toronto.

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