10/01/2014 11:39 EDT | Updated 12/01/2014 05:59 EST

Enterovirus D68 and paralysis-like symptoms detected in 2 B.C. patients

Provincial health authorities are trying to determine if a man and boy with enterovirus D68 developed paralysis-like symptoms because of the infections.

In one of the cases, a young boy came into hospital with a fever and cough and suddenly developed weakness in his left arm. He was released from hospital after nine days showing no neurological improvements.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall says the province is closely watching the two cases, but it is too soon to say if the virus caused the paralysis.

"It has come to light that we have had a very small number in North America of cases of paralysis in association to this virus, but there are far too few cases at this point to say whether it is linked or coincidental," said Kendall.

The two patients live in separate parts of the province and the B.C. Centre for Disease Control does not believe their cases are linked.

There have been eight cases of the virus in the province.

Kendall says the best way to reduce the spread of virus is frequent hand washing, but there is no specific treatment for the virus.