10/01/2014 09:33 EDT | Updated 12/01/2014 05:59 EST

Is Canada set to combat ISIS in Iraq? Join Wednesdays with @Kady

When the crisis in Iraq started, Canada's response was a rhetorical assault, backed up by humanitarian aid and military logistics support. 

But as the fight against ISIS grinds on, it appears the Harper government is shifting in the direction of a combat mission that could see CF-18s join the ongoing airstrikes in the near future, among other military options.

This week on our weekly Wednesdays with Kady live chat: how do you feel about the march towards a combat mission for Canadian troops? What do you expect from Canada's Parliament when that's afoot?

Also on our agenda:

- The Harper government gave a big push to the Canada-EU trade deal on Friday. Do Canadians agree that this is the right deal? How smart has the government's strategy been in response to its critics and doubters, both at home and in Europe? Have the opposition parties been making the right plays?

- After question period, the Tories could move to limit debate on Peter MacKay's controversial online crime bill. Is cutting to the chase on this debate the right thing to do? What could be the consequences?

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