10/01/2014 08:25 EDT | Updated 10/01/2014 08:59 EDT

Labatt Six-Pack Takes Over Buffalo's Skyline (TWEETS)

Labatt just gave new meaning to the term "tall boys."

A Buffalo business has plastered the beer giant's logo all over what's been called the "largest six-pack in the world" as it prepares to open a brewery in 2015, Mashable reported.

The 100-foot-tall six-pack is actually a group of silos that used to belong to the GLF grain mill, The Buffalo News reported.

But next year, the owners of Buffalo RiverWorks expect to open a brewery inside them with storage on the first floor and a seasonal serving area on the second.

"One of the silos will be used to store the grain needed for the brewery operation," co-owner Doug Swift told the newspaper. "We're using a silo as a silo. Go figure."

The six-pack forms part of an entertainment complex with an arena that will host hockey, curling and roller derby events, WGRZ reported.

The blue silos are a prime marketing opportunity for Labatt, as they will serve as the backdrop for a pond hockey tournament that it sponsors every year, said Buffalo Business First.

Here are some photos of the "largest six-pack in the world":

Between this, the Budweiser blimp and the Molson fridge that only opens with a Canadian passport, you can't fault beer companies for a lack of creativity.

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