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Making A Scene: Who Is Hollywood's Best Batman?

"Making a Scene" is an AOL On Originals series featuring actor, director and film-buff James Franco. Each week, Franco will take his passion for movies and mash up two of cinema's most iconic flicks in a way only he can imagine.

We're still years away from "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice", the latest installment in the Batman movie saga (or the next Superman flick, depending on whom you ask) but there's been plenty of buzz surrounding the inevitable lead-in for a Justice League movie.

So far we've seen shots of Henry Cavill as Superman, photos of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman as well as a few stills of the Batmobile. And let's not forget all the talk behind Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and taking on the mantle of the Dark Knight.

Affleck's currently promoting David Fincher's "Gone Girl" but he's shared some personal tidbits like the fact that his daughters don't give a sh*t he's taking on one of comics' most beloved superheroes and the steep pressure he's faced since taking on the role.

And understandably so.

Affleck has to live up to some of Hollywood's biggest actors like Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and most recently James Franco (but more on that later) and their takes on the Caped Crusader.

So to see what Affleck is up against, we've rounded up all the actors (live action and voice actors) who've played Bruce Wayne by day and donned the cape and cowl at night on TV and on the silver screen. And if you're interested on what would happen if James Franco were to take "Batman" and mash it up with "Beetlejuice", check out the video above.

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