10/01/2014 04:37 EDT | Updated 12/01/2014 05:59 EST

Prentice hires executive to revitalize premier's southern office in Calgary

CALGARY - Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says he wants to make the government's southern office more accessible to the public.

Prentice says the plan is for McDougall Centre in downtown Calgary to hum with the voices of school children and visitors.

McDougall Centre is used by the premier and other ministers when conducting official business in Calgary.

Prentice says he has hired Calgary lawyer Emma May to be the centre's executive director with a mandate to make it a community hub.

May has been leading opposition to how the province handled the catastrophic floods that hit Calgary and southern Alberta in 2013.

Prentice responded to criticism that he is co-opting his critics by telling a CBC radio phone-in show that there's no shortage of people who have complaints with the government.