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Gregor Robertson Likes It Spicy And Other Fun Facts About Vancouver's Mayor

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson may not be as infamous as Rob Ford other Canadian mayors, but he took the city to the international stage with the 2010 Winter Olympics, for one.

Born in North Vancouver, Robertson previously served as a B.C. MLA. He's been running the city since 2008, and is gunning for a third term in the November municipal election.

After six years in the city's top job, we know he is a proponent of bike lanes, Pride, and social media.

But did you know the Vision Vancouver politician is also quite the musician?

We asked Robertson's office for some surprising facts about him that you may not have heard before:


gregor robertson boat

He sailed a 40-foot wooden sailboat across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand on a boat he helped restore and build himself.


gregor robertson soccer

He’s played soccer all his life. Here he is practising with the Vancouver Whitecaps:


gregor robertson farm

He used to be an organic farmer on an acreage near Fort Langley.


gregor robertson eating

His favourite meal in general is spicy Chinese or Mexican food.


gregor robertson happy planet

He co-founded Happy Planet, a successful multi-million dollar B.C. juice and natural foods company. The soups are his favourite Happy Planet product.

Famous relative

norman bethune

He’s a distant relative of Norman Bethune (the mayor's full name is Gregor Angus Bethune Robertson). His grandmother was a first cousin to the Canadian doctor who brought modern medicine to rural China.


He plays the drums AND the tuba. (Not at the same time.)

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