10/02/2014 12:23 EDT | Updated 12/02/2014 05:59 EST

Rob Ford leaves meeting early 'not feeling very well'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford attended a meeting of mayoral candidates Wednesday evening but left early, telling reporters he was "not feeling very well."

Ford, who was discharged from Mt. Sinai hospital on Sept. 23 after undergoing chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer, said he attended the debate of mayoral candidates to support his brother Doug Ford.

"I'm just going out and trying to return some calls and support my brother," a raspy voiced Ford told reporters outside the meeting.

"But I'm not feeling very well right now. So I'd rather just go home. I might be pushing it tonight. A little too warm and I'm just not getting air into my lungs. Guys, I just got to take it easy right now."

Earlier this month Rob Ford dropped his bid for a second term as mayor after revealing he had been diagnosed with malignant liposarcoma. That prompted his brother Doug to enter the mayoralty race on Sept. 12. Rob Ford is running for a council seat in Ward 2, where his brother served on council.

Rob Ford is scheduled to undergo a second round of chemotherapy starting Sunday.