10/03/2014 11:40 EDT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 EST

New Brunswick premier-designate says Greens should have official party status

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's Green party is getting support from the Liberals to gain official status in the legislature.

Premier-designate Brian Gallant said Friday he believes Green Leader David Coon will contribute to the debate in the house.

"David will be a strong voice for his constituents and will contribute greatly to the debate in the people's house," he added.

Coon won the riding of Fredericton South in last month's election.

The election also saw 27 Liberals elected and 21 Progressive Conservatives.

The designation as the third party requires a vote of the legislature, but that is seen as a formality because the Liberals have a majority.

A party has to win five seats to automatically receive official party status in the house.

Gallant said he also supports the Green party receiving funding similar to what the NDP received when its leader, Elizabeth Weir, held a seat in the legislature.

Coon said he welcomes Gallant's support and getting the funding will be an important factor in being able to do his job.

The amount of funding the Greens get will be decided by the legislative administration committee. While the Liberals will have a majority on the committee, Gallant said its decisions are made by consensus.

Coon said Weir was responsible for setting many precedents in the legislature, including the number of questions that could be asked by a third party.

Weir had one question and two supplementaries. Coon said he will be seeking two questions when he meets with the speaker to determine the rules.

Meanwhile, Gallant said two high-level Tory appointees have been let go from their positions as the heads of Crown corporations.

He said Robert MacLeod, the president of Invest NB, and Margaret-Ann Blaney, the president of Efficiency New Brunswick, no longer hold those jobs.

Gallant said he was told by the Progressive Conservative government that the positions have been terminated.

"It's our understanding that at the last cabinet meeting that they would have taken care of that," he said.

The new Liberal government will be sworn-in on Tuesday.