10/03/2014 09:05 EDT | Updated 10/03/2014 09:59 EDT

Nick Jonas Channels Marky Mark For Flaunt Magazine (PHOTOS)

Could Nick Jonas be this generation's Marky Mark?

To prove that he's all grown up now, the singer dropped trou for this month's Flaunt magazine—hilariously called "The Grind Issue"—and channeled Mark Wahlberg's penchant for dropping his pants.

A series of photos shows the 22-year-old hottie with his jeans around his knees and grabbing his crotch (while wearing white briefs, obvi).

(Warning: Pics are kinda NSFW)

Another photo shows the youngest Jonas brother flashing his butt crack as he rests a hand on his derriere (because maybe he was itchy?) and another sexy pic shows off his chest in all its glory. (Warning: Pics are kinda NSFW)

Why the sudden image change? Well, it might be his way of trying to separate himself from his former goody-two-shoes image as well as to set himself apart from his other brothers who are working on their own projects.

In the accompanying interview, Jonas can't help but talk about sex.

"I think it's amazing! It's great," he said, referring to the possibility of people having sex to his music. "It's two beautiful things colliding."

Beautiful indeed, Nick Jonas. Beautiful indeed.

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