10/03/2014 10:04 EDT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 EST

Red Wings get stuck in Toronto traffic, late for tilt with Leafs

The Detroit Red Wings have earned countless victories and 11 Stanley Cups in their long and storied history, but they faced a fearsome challenge that they couldn’t possibly overcome on Friday: downtown Toronto traffic. ​

Stuck in heavy gridlock, the Wings’ bus was late arriving to the Air Canada Centre, delaying the start of the teams’ preseason game. 

Because he cares so much about these things, Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory weighed in, laying blame for the situation solely on the shoulders of Doug Ford and Olivia Chow. On an unrelated note, Ford and Chow are his chief opponents in the city election at the end of the month. 

Detroit players unfamiliar with Toronto streets thought that the fault rested on Leaf defenceman Jake Gardiner. The error was corrected after a brief conversation in the pre-game warmups.