10/03/2014 04:30 EDT | Updated 12/02/2014 05:59 EST

Today on the Hill: Will Conservatives deliver details on Canada's plan for Iraq?

OTTAWA - The proof will be in the pudding, as they say, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper spells out his government's plans to broaden its military mission in Iraq.

So far, it appears the government plans to unveil today the motion on Iraq it intends to put before Parliament, with a debate on the matter to take place early next week.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has made clear that he'd prefer there was a mandate under the United Nations before approving any combat role for Canada in the fight against Islamic extremists.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has come under attack for what Mulcair and Harper called a juvenile comment about the use of CF-18 fighter jets to launch air strikes in Iraq.

Canada's 30-day non-combat mission in northern Iraq, involving a small contingent of special forces working as "advisers," expires on Saturday.

Here are some other events taking shape in Ottawa today:

— NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has two speaking engagements. First, he'll talk about one of Canada's burgeoning industries at the National Forum on Clean Energy. Then it's off to a speech at the Living Waters rally;

— The Supreme Court of Canada will issue a decision in the case of an Ontario man, Brian Conception, who was left in a hallway at a mental institute after a court ordered he be sent to another treatment centre to determine whether he was fit to stand trial;

— The University of Ottawa's Public Law group will give a rundown on the Supreme Court's upcoming fall decisions;

— And the CRTC wraps up a week of hearings on the wholesale mobile wireless services market in Canada. No word on when the telecoms regulator will decide on whether to change the rules governing the industry.

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