10/03/2014 05:36 EDT | Updated 10/03/2014 05:59 EDT

'Twin Peaks' Return Speculation Runs Rampant After David Lynch, Mark Frost's Tweets


"It is happening again." If you say the Giant's words enough times, they might just come true.

Speculation about a "Twin Peaks" revival is running rampant online after series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost tweeted the same, enigmatic quotes from the show at the very same time on Friday.

Now, fans shouldn't exactly take this to MEAN anything yet. Frost shot down fevered rumours of a "Twin Peaks" return in January.

The tweets come months after the series and its cinematic prequel "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" were released on Blu-ray.

In the past, hints at a return were simply about the release of more footage.

And Lynch has teased a possible revival before. In 2013, he told actor Ray Wise, who played Laura's father Leland, that "the town is still there" and it's possible they could "revisit it," The Wrap reported.

If "Twin Peaks" is indeed coming back (the tweets could well be an advertisement for a new gum brand), there's plenty more story to tell.


The show's finale in 1991 had murdered prom queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) saying, "I'll see you again in 25 years." This year marks the 23rd year since that episode aired.

It also left us guessing as to the fate of FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), who appeared to have been taken over with the malevolent spirit of Bob (Frank Silva) after a journey to the Black Lodge.

So who knows what Cooper has been up to in over two decades?


We can't be certain of one of television's strangest series returning one day. But we can think of a great place in Vancouver to absorb Lynch's latest tease.

We hear they have great cherry pie.

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