10/03/2014 01:39 EDT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 EST

Union leaders vow to increase protests over pension reform bill

Montreal union leaders say the proposed changes to Quebec's pension reform bill are "cosmetic" and they are vowing to up their pressure tactics.

On Thursday, Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau introduced amendments aimed at softening Bill 3.

Moreau said restructuring would be delayed for pension funds that are performing well, while other funds would be restructured immediately.

The coalition representing close to 65,000 firefighters, police officers and other municipal workers said it's extremely disappointed.

Union leaders called the changes "cosmetic" and "unconstitutional."

They say the government is not negotiating in good faith. 

Moreau said the principle behind the bill still stands – to bring employer and employee contributions to a 50/50 split – and will be part of any agreements negotiated in the future.