10/04/2014 09:37 EDT | Updated 10/04/2014 09:59 EDT

Green Ball Of Light In Montreal Interrupts Reporter's Broadcast (VIDEO)

A mysterious light, thought to be a meteor or space debris, has baffled journalists after it streaked through a Montreal reporter's broadcast on Thursday night.

TVA reporter Colette Provencher was doing a live hit at around 10:37 p.m. ET when a strange green light flashed right across the sky behind her, QMI Agency reported.

On the following day, blog Lunar Meteorite Hunters reported 34 sightings of what it called a meteor in Ontario, Quebec and nine eastern U.S. states at around the same time.

Ottawa observer James Munro reported that, for two seconds or less, he saw a green light "brighter than [the] moon" come down behind the horizon.

Pierre Hudon, a meteor expert at McGill University, told CBC News that it wasn't a space rock because they light up the sky when they fly by.

"In Canada we have a network of cameras," he told the station. "And we didn't receive any reports by camera this morning."

Meanwhile, Andrew Fazekas, an astronomy columnist with National Geographic, told CBC Montreal that the streak could have been space debris, as it has a tendency to light up in green, orange or even yellow as it enters Earth's atmosphere.

There were no reports of any impact on the ground by press time.

But central Canada wasn't the only place where a strange light streaked across the sky this week. On Thursday, a farmer in Kamloops, B.C. captured a flash, possibly a meteor, streaking across the morning sky at around 6 a.m.

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