10/04/2014 02:33 EDT | Updated 12/04/2014 05:59 EST

Kathleen Wynne: Ontario Liberals, Unions Both Want Jobs, But Have Differing Plans

Rene Johnston via Getty Images
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 20: Premier Kathleen Wynne gives speech at a major fundraiser for the Liberals. She gave the speech at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, March 20, 2014. (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

TORONTO - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says her government shares the labour movement's goal of creating good jobs, while cautioning the two sides may have some differences of opinion about how to get there.

Wynne told the crowd at a Toronto jobs summit organized by mega-union Unifor that organized labour has improved workers' lives for the better.

She says her Liberal government is on side with unions in wanting to create better-paying jobs that won't get outsourced but added that "we will sometimes disagree about where to take a turn to the right, where to take a turn to the left."

Wynne says the "adversarial model" of labour relations no longer works and that all sides must see each other as partners.

She pointed to an announcement this week of 1,000 jobs being added at a Ford assembly plant in Oakville, Ont., as an example of the "strategic advantage" that can be had when government, business and labour work together.

Wynne touted her government's actions on tackling so-called precarious work and moving to crack down on unpaid internships.

And she made mention several times of how her government and the labour movement share similar values when it comes to jobs and employment.

"We agree on the broad destination, and my hope is that we will be able to travel together. My promise to you is that I will work to make that a reality," Wynne said Saturday.


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