10/04/2014 12:05 EDT | Updated 12/04/2014 05:59 EST

Liberal Andrew Harvey's win confirmed in Carleton-Victoria

Recounts are underway today in New Brunswick after questions were raised about the accuracy of the electronic tabulation system election night.

So far, the manual counting has confirmed the Liberal win in Carleton-Victoria.The winner remains Andrew Harvey, who gained two votes.

Runner-up, Colin Lockhart, gained three votes, but the result is unchanged. 

Recounts are also taking place in Woodstock, Bathurst, St. Andrews and Fredericton-Grand Lake.

On election night, the use of an untested software by Elections New Brunswick to transmit results recorded through the automated vote-counting tabulator system saw vote counts stall and then appear to drop before finally concluding.

The resulting confusion and delays meant it was about five hours after the polls closed before Elections New Brunswick could declare Brian Gallant's Liberals had won a majority government.

After the confusion, the Progressive Conservatives applied for recounts in six ridings, while People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin applied for a recount in Fredericton-Grant Lake, which he lost by 26 votes to Tory Pam Lynch.

Manual counts of paper ballots have, so far, confirmed election night results.

Two seats were recounted in Saint John on Friday.

Judges upheld the wins by Ed Doherty, in Saint John Harbour, and Gary Keating, in Saint John East.

Results for Saturday's recounts are expected around dinner time.