10/04/2014 01:30 EDT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 EST

NHL loves Mean Girls, doesn’t care if world knows

Before circumstances completely out of her control derailed her promising career as an Academy Award-winning actress, Lindsey Lohan was best known for a star-making turn in Mean Girls. 

The film has become a cult classic. So, naturally October 3 has become Mean Girls Appreciation Day. Though not officially sanctioned by the UN, many on Twitter celebrated this fact with various hashtags, such as #meangirlsappreciationday, #meangirls, and others of a similar nature. 

One of those Twitter accounts happened to be the NHL, even though the league hardly featured in the film. 

Other NHL team accounts also felt safe enough to express their appreciation of the Mean Girls franchise, which currently sports one film, no television shows, and no spinoffs. 

As of press time, Lohan has not responded to the NHL’s Twitter appreciation, though she did acknowledge the day’s existence, maybe. 

The Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers clash on Oct. 25. No word yet if any special edition DVDs will be exchanged.