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Signs You're A Vancouver Canucks Fan

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VANCOUVER, CANADA - APRIL 23: Vancouver Canuck fans wave towels in Game Five of the Western Conference Quarterfinals between the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings during the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs at General Motors Place on April 22, 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver won 7-2. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

It's a fresh start for the Vancouver Canucks this season with a new general manager, coach and a world-class goalie.

Franchise hero Trevor Linden is running the team behind the scenes, so things are looking promising, right?

With the regular season kicking off on Wednesday (Oct. 8), perhaps it's a good time to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations that make up life as a Canucks fan.

Here are 45 signs that you're a diehard supporter:

You've seen some horrible seasons...

(Like last year.)

And some great ones.

canucks president trophy

You remember when players could down a six-pack after the game...

And when enforcers could score goals.

You know that this...

Began with this guy.

And you can't forget how "Steamer" propelled the team forward in 1982.

stan smyl

You wish they hadn't traded Cam Neely.

cam neely vancouver canucks

(Credit: Flickr user Geoffrey Kehrig)

But you feel better knowing they got this guy for almost nothing.

markus naslund canucks 2002

The West Coast Express dazzled you...

bertuzzi naslund morrison

Until this happened...

You wish this draft had gone differently.

nhl draft

(They also drafted Petr Nedved over Jaromir Jagr. Natch.)

In fact, you wish many drafts had gone differently.

canucks draft

1997 nhl draft

You remember when they dressed as cowboys...

canucks road trip

(Credit: eBay)

Or gangsters...

canucks road trip

(Credit: Kijiji)

Or when Pavel put the captain on trial.

You recall the time Gino Odjick fought everyone ... EVERYONE ... on the ice.

And you wish him a full recovery.

gino odjick

You remember Dan Cloutier for this...

Because you'd rather forget this.

You collected these coins...

canuck coins

(Credit: Craigslist)

But you never got that one at the top. (Sob.)

canuck coins

(Credit: Craigslist)

You hate, hate, HATED this guy.

And this guy...

But not as much as him...

mark messier canucks

Or him.

mike keenan canucks

You'll never forgive Mike Keenan for trading Trevor away.

trevor linden 1997

But you remember your joy when he was traded back.

trevor linden 2001

"He will play. You know he'll play. He'll play on crutches. He will play, and he'll play at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night." — Jim Robson on Trevor Linden

trevor linden kirk mclean


You couldn't get enough of Brian Burke's quotes.

You remember "Attaboy Troy."

troy gamble

(Credit: eBay)

And Mike Fountain's 3-0 victory debut against the New Jersey Devils.

mike fountain canucks

(And almost nothing about him since.)

This man dazzled you throughout the 1990s.

pavel bure card

(Credit: eBay)

He scored goals like this one...

And, of course, this one.

And you have NO IDEA why he changed his number to 96.

pavel bure

You were spitting mad with him when he left...

pavel bure panthers

And you couldn't help but welcome him back years later.

You hoped this wouldn't happen again.

But it did.

You know defeat.

Agonizing defeat.

1994 rangers stanley cup

But through it all, you've stayed strong.

canucks fans

Because you know that every defeat makes victory that much sweeter.

canucks fans

So take pride in your triumphs. And know that the best is yet to come.

(P.S. Leafs suck.)

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