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Cloud Citizen, Futuristic 'Super City,' Wins Contest For New Shenzhen Business District

Urban Future Org / CR-Design

The picture above isn’t the cover of a new sci-fi novel; it’s the winner of a competition to design a new business district for Shenzhen, China.

The city, a neighbour of Hong Kong long overshadowed by its wealthier, flashier cousin, asked designers to submit plans for a 170-hectare business district featuring at least three high-rise towers, a mix of commercial and cultural facilities, and, as ArchDaily put it, it “had to give back to the environment.”

Here’s what won (story continues below):

Dubbed “Cloud Citizen,” the winning proposal was created by Urban Future Group and RC-Design, with the aid of Chalmers Technical University in Sweden.

The tallest tower in the complex rises 2,230 feet, making it about 50 per cent taller than Toronto’s CN Tower.

The idea behind the competition was to create an iconic new business district, like Paris’ hyper-modern La Defence, or London’s Canary Wharf, ArchDaily reports.

But unlike those business districts, Cloud Citizen comprises a single, integrated building.

Cloud Citizen “is a singular iconographic mega building complex with an identifiable and striking skyline giving character and hope to the vision of a greener future enabled by human enterprise,” the designers write.

That’s a pretty big mouthful for a pretty big project.

We at HuffPost couldn’t find any information as to how likely it is this winning proposal will actually get built, but plans like this have been proposed before and so far, they haven't been able to get off the ground.

Then again, China builds entire cities no one lives in, so economic viability might not be an issue.

What do you think of Cloud Citizen? Is it the future of cities, or just pie in the sky? Let us know in the comments below.

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