10/05/2014 12:34 EDT | Updated 12/05/2014 05:59 EST

Dragon Boat Society canoes destroyed in early morning fire

An early morning fire at a boat storage trailer in Vancouver's False Creek has destroyed about 11 outriggers canoes owned by the Dragon Boat Society that were being stored inside.

Anita Webster with the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society says they learned around 4:30 a.m. PT Sunday of a fire at the society's equipment trailer on south False Creek.

These were one-person outrigger canoes that we were just beginning to get into renting and leasing," she said. "This is the biggest loss for us. These were new boats. They’re hard to get and it was a fun new era we were getting into."

Webster says the smaller boats were lost along with life-jackets, paddles and other equipment, but the Dragon boats themselves were not harmed.

It’s difficult for the society," she said. "We’ve had a lot of trouble with that area, with that trailer. It’s suffered many break-ins over the years."

However, Webster says that will soon change.

"What we’re looking forward to immensely is our new permanent boathouse on False Creek and we’re hoping that is going to be ready for June," she said. "We’re really looking forward to having proper facilities on the water."