10/06/2014 03:24 EDT | Updated 10/06/2014 03:59 EDT

What Breed Is Right For You? Finding The Right Pet For Your Life

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Pet ownership is in many ways a partnership, and to find the right partner, you need to know yourself. Certain pets will simply gel way better with a specific type of personality or lifestyle, and your future happiness together depends on those elements clicking together perfectly. We’ve paired up the right pets to these types of personalities, so if you see your type on this list, you know where to start looking for your furry companion. Let the matchmaking begin!

What Breed Is Right For You? Finding The Right Pet For Your Life

If you’re a fitness fiend:

You’re almost always working on your fitness; whether that’s running in the morning before you go into work, hiking on weekends with a friend, or throwing a Frisbee around in the park. The idea of long walks you can take with your pet in tow gets you excited.

Pets that’ll suit you: As you might expect, a dog that’s on the larger size and loves long walks and running is best for you, and this includes Dobermans, Irish Setters, pointers and Weimaraners. If you had a cat in mind, then a Bengal is a breed that is just as active as you are, so expect it to be jumping around your place and you’ll get to enjoy play time with them — get that ball of yarn ready!

If you’re the family type:

You have one or more kids running around the house, and want a pet that can be folded into the hustle and bustle of your household, too — one the kids can play with. Your household can get rambunctious, so no timid or needy pets need apply.

Pets that’ll suit you and your kids: Labradors can hold their own and play with the kids, as can beagles (which your kids will no doubt want to name Snoopy). If walking a dog is something you can’t manage between taking the kids to soccer and ballet, then an American Shorthair and its easygoing disposition will blend in well with your brood.

If you’re a social butterfly:

You adore having people over — whether it’s hosting a cocktail party or having a few friends over for a games night. But you also love going out and need a pet that’s equally as sociable (not one that’s a wallflower that’d rather stay home and snooze).

Pets that’ll suit you: A lovable Labrador, Spaniel or a Siberian husky can be just like you, charming the socks off of everyone they meet.

If you’re a homebody:

You’re most comfortable staying close to home and are comfortable with loads of quiet time in solitude. Your idea of a great night is curling up on the couch with a good book. When it comes to taking your pet out, you’d prefer it doesn’t eat up a ton of your time — there are so many great movies to watch on Netflix, after all.

Pets that’ll suit you: You should go with either a really small or really big dog, as these types tend to prefer short walks. A shih tzu, Pomeranian or Pekinese are great for you if you’re a fan of toy dogs. If you can manage going for moderate walks, then for the big pups, ones such as a French bulldog or Saint Bernard would work well as your new BFF. A housecat would match up well with you, too. Persian cats and Maine Coons are known to be sweet and laidback. If you want a kitty that’ll wants lots of cuddling, then an affectionate Siamese cat can be your snuggly ball of fur.

If you’re a jet setter:

Although you love your home, you feel most fulfilled when you’re traveling and seeing new places. So your calendar is filled with travel plans — from quick weekend getaways to road trips (and the occasional overseas jaunt, too). So the only way you can have a pet is if it’s one that is comfy with accompanying you on these travels.

Pets that’ll suit you: Ideally, your pet should be small so you can easily tote them in a carrier whether it’s in a car or if you’re tucking the carrier under your seat on a flight. Think yorkie or Maltese.