10/06/2014 10:50 EDT | Updated 12/06/2014 05:59 EST

Georgia Walsh's death inspires campaign urging drivers to slow down

A lawn sign campaign asking drivers to slow down on residential streets after a seven-year-old girl was killed earlier this year is building momentum.

The campaign started in July after Georgia Walsh was struck by a minivan while crossing an intersection.

Since her death, lawn signs that read ‘Slow down, kids at play’ with the silhouette of a child have cropped up across the city.

Roger Cattell, who started the campaign, lives close to Georgia’s family in Leaside.

“It’s resonating because it could have been anyone of us that had been affected at that particular time when that young girl was killed,” he said.

“My kids were on the way home from camp. I mean, they came by a different street but could easily have come by that street at the same time.”

Cattell said he's surprised by the number of people living on small streets who face the same problem — drivers racing through stop signs and school zones.

“We have barely tapped into the demand for these signs across the city,” he said. “We’ll get 1,000 and then we’ll regret that we should have got 2,000. So there’s still much to be done. It’s something that is not going to go away.”

Riverdale resident Samantha Margis brought the signs to her street.

“I had 50 signs and they’re all gone,” she said.

“We have a city-run daycare at the corner that has about 300 kids, we back an elementary school with another few hundred children.”

Cattell said any money donated for the signs goes right back into making more signs. He also hopes to distribute Halloween bags with the ‘slow down’ message in reflective lettering.