10/06/2014 05:20 EDT | Updated 10/06/2014 06:59 EDT

33 Signs You Live In Liberty Village

If you're trapped on a packed streetcar, headed for a hot date with a Metro lineup, this is for you.

You hate the noise from Williams Landing

(Williams Landing)

You have made noise at Williams Landing

You're an expert at dodging dog poop


But you've stepped in some here

Because in Liberty, a French bully is the new baby


You dream of a new way over the train tracks

(Flickr: Sean_Marshall)

And have nightmares about waiting to get on to Strachan...

You feel like this about the never-ending construction

And you think Atlantic is the perfect name for this street

Because the distance to Strachan feels positively oceanic


No wonder you're so excited about the footbridge that's on the way


Like really excited


You're sick and tired of having only one bus route

And just the thought of the King streetcar gives you a panic attack

No wonder you're so excited about this new (non-TTC) bus

Like really excited

Sometimes you want to kill the TFC fans on East Liberty


But you still love going to TFC games


Because there is nothing else like this in Toronto

You upgraded from IKEA to West Elm/EQ3 for the first time when you moved to the hood

But somehow your apartment still looks like this

You hope there are spots in hell reserved for whoever is setting off the condo fire alarm at 2 a.m.

... And for people who move without booking the elevator



You hate the Metro with the fire of 1000 suns...


But you can't bring yourself to buy groceries somewhere further away

The only thing you hate more than Metro is GoodLife

But you can't bring yourself to work out somewhere further away

You throw all your booze bottles down this


But it's not all bad

You're close to everything awesome

And the views aren't bad either


No wonder you (and what seems like everyone else) moved to Liberty

(Flickr: Carlos Pacheco)

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