10/06/2014 04:25 EDT | Updated 12/06/2014 05:59 EST

Montreal artist creates with food and taste

The Phi Centre in Old Montreal is expanding, adding a professional kitchen to its stable of gallery spaces and recording studio.

The new venue is called Espace Plateau. It opens Oct. 15 with a project called In the Mouth.  

In the Mouth is the creation of filmmaker and writer Nicolas Fonseca.

It’s an interactive art project focused around a dinner party for 60 guests.

Each guest is asked to fill out a questionnaire beforehand about their favourite foods, utensils and food memories.

Then Fonseca and chef Jean-Michel Leblond from Tripes & Caviar restaurant in Verdun imagine a menu based on the answers to the questionnaire.

"The whole project is a mix of fiction and reality," explains Fonseca.

"What we want is to get people’s most intimate relationship with food and really delve into that to see what can food possibly mean beyond taste."

The food will be displayed like an abstract painting directly on a tablecloth.

There will be film, video and theatre performance as part of the dining experience.

Diners are required to turn over their watches and cell phones before the event so no one can hide behind Instagram posts.

Instead, Fonseca wants the evening to spark a conversation between the diners and the artists and to have the taste of the food trigger life stories and conversations.  

In the Mouth opens at the Phi Centre, 407 rue St-Pierre in Old Montreal Oct. 15 to 31.