10/06/2014 05:07 EDT | Updated 10/08/2014 03:22 EDT

Poultry Seasoning Options To Change Up Your Turkey For Thanksgiving


Holidays like Thanksgiving are all about tradition — and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s comforting to know that your Thanksgiving meal is going to include long-time favourites like your aunt’s pumpkin pie or your father’s secret stuffing recipe.

But it’s also fun to mix things up once in a while. Family favourites should still have a place at the table but there’s a case to be made for trying new recipes and going a bit outside your culinary comfort zone, even on a holiday.

We’re not saying you have to do away with the turkey, or that you should forget the whole thing and spend Thanksgiving at a fast-food restaurant. We’re just suggesting a few subtle tweaks in your seasoning recipe for the holiday bird — 11 of them, to be specific. Maybe one of these poultry seasoning recipes will become a new Thanksgiving tradition for your family.

Some of these recipes are for chicken, but they’ll taste just as great with turkey. Just adjust the measurements and cooking times up based on the weight of your bird.

Check out these 11 ideas for poultry seasoning:

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