10/07/2014 12:56 EDT | Updated 12/07/2014 05:59 EST

1,000 Dinners TO fulfilling hunger for civic discourse

There's a mix of politics and plates taking place Tuesday in various Toronto kitchens, dining rooms and other places where people meet to eat.

It's an initiative called 1,000 Dinners TO, which is bringing people together to enjoy a meal and talk about city issues.

David Anderson is hosting a dinner for 15 people at his downtown home.

"We have been quite deliberate in bringing together people from eclectic backgrounds whose paths normally don't cross, in order that we can really share some thinking," he said in a recent interview with CBC News.

Anderson said he’ll be listening to ideas from around his dinner table.

"For me, I guess living downtown, transit is a big issue that I care a lot about," said Anderson.

"I also care a lot about just the quality of life that we have."

Jamie Elerton is the project lead of 1,000 Dinners TO.

"What can Toronto be? What do we envision for our city and how would we go about getting there?" he said.

Elerton said each discussion will be recorded by someone at the table and submitted to the website.

Organizers will take the ideas generated on Tuesday to come up with questions for a debate that is being hosted by CBC Toronto on Oct. 16.

Toronto voters are heading to the polls in less than three weeks. The Oct. 27 election will see the city elect a new mayor, as Mayor Rob Ford is not running for re-election.