10/07/2014 10:02 EDT | Updated 12/07/2014 05:59 EST

New firearms rules to be unveiled in the House this morning

Attention law-abiding Canadian gun owners: the Conservative government wants to lighten your load, at least as far as firearms-related paperwork is concerned.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is expected to introduce long-awaited changes to Canadian gun laws this morning.

During a visit to a North Bay shooting range in July, Blaney pledged to bring forward a "Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act" when the House returned this fall.

"These measures would streamline licensing and eliminate needless red tape for law-abiding gun owners," Blaney said in a written release at the time. 

"It would also take steps to ensure that those convicted of domestic violence offences can be banned from owning firearms. My foremost priority is keeping the public safe, through common sense policies.”

Swiss Arms rifle amnesty to be extended until 2016

The proposed amendments will create a single permit for both possession and acquisition, institute a "grace period" for administrative and clerical errors, and prevent provincial firearms officers from making "arbitrary decisions."

The bill would also require new gun owners to attend mandatory firearms safety courses and toughen up the existing restrictions on people convicted of domestic violence offences. 

It will also extend the amnesty on Swiss Arms rifles until 2016.

The proposed legislation will be tabled in the House of Commons this morning, but MPs likely won't start debating it until after the Thanksgiving recess.