10/07/2014 04:31 EDT | Updated 12/07/2014 05:59 EST

Surrey scores D+ for safety in Vital Signs report card

A new liveability report has provided a grim snapshot of what Surrey residents think of their city, on issues ranging from safety to the economy.

The Vital Signs report, released on Tuesday by SurreyCares, in partnership with the Surrey Board of Trade, includes the results of a survey asking residents to grade 11 areas reflecting the quality of life in the city.

Safety, standard of living, getting around and housing all scored worst, getting a D+ or "requires improvement."

"We were surprised by some of the things we learned," wrote Jeff Hector, president of SurreyCares, in a press release.

"The study reveals that residents have an honest, community-driven pride and a deep interest in where we are going."

The city was awarded a C grade overall, with residents giving all other factors a "satisfactory" C, including health and well-being, learning, getting started, arts and culture, environment, economy and work, and belonging and leadership.

"We urge local groups, charities, and governments to commit their community-improvement activities to the area’s that residents have highlighted in this report,” added Hector.

According to the press release, SurreyCares and the Surrey Board of Trade say they will refer to the report when deciding on future activities.

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